NSGA-Bauer letter to member retailers and team dealers

Dear NSGA member,

We hope all is well with you and your business. We want to update you on NSGA’s involvement regarding Bauer’s opening of its “Own The Moment” retail centers in the United States and Canada. Although you may not sell hockey products, it is important for you to know that your trade association is advocating for your interests.

In January, Bauer announced its plans to open retail centers, starting with suburban Boston in August and a second location in suburban Minneapolis this fall. Bauer also has plans to open retail locations in Toronto in 2016, the other “Original Six” cities of Chicago, Detroit, New York and Montreal and other key hockey markets. Bauer’s decision led to a lot of concern in the hockey retail community. This includes some of our members whose stores are or would be in close proximity to Bauer retail centers.

NSGA expressed numerous areas of concern in a letter in early June to Kevin Davis, the President and CEO of Performance Sports Group, which oversees Bauer Hockey. We received a prompt response with a call from Davis to discuss the situation. Bauer representatives, including Vice President of Hockey Rich Wuerthele, met with me and Hockey Dealers Association Managing Director Marty Maciaszek in late June in Chicago to answer many of the questions which have been raised.

We are providing this information packet to you so you are aware of what we are doing on this front. It includes a copy of our letter to Kevin Davis, a summary of the answers we received to the questions we raised and a copy of their “Own The Moment” Retail Experiences overview.

NSGA has consulted with its attorneys about possible courses of action and will continue to monitor any events as they unfold. As is always the case with legal action, the outcomes and costs are not always obvious, but there are steps that can be taken.

It is important to have reasonable expectations because the goal is not to stop Bauer from opening retail outlets. The goal is to create the environment for Bauer’s prediction to be right. We can monitor the promises Bauer has made and make sure it holds up its end of the bargain.

Ultimately we will be able to measure and report on the status of the vision: “All Ships Rise With the Tide.” It will take some time to monitor the impact of Bauer’s entry into retail because the company has opened only one outlet as of August.


Matt Carlson

President & CEO
National Sporting Goods Association