2018 Speed Networking

Think of it like speed dating...

NSGA facilitates meetings to help your business grow

Registration for Speed Networking is now closed!

NSGA created a platform for you to have multiple business conversations in one place. Save time, effort and costs by participating in the NSGA Speed Networking session on Monday, May 21, 2018, during the NSGA Conference & Summit.

For Retailers & Dealers

  • Get your business in front of brands.
  • Learn about new product trends and best practices to make the sale.
  • Meet new manufacturer representatives and build your network.
  • Share your concerns and ask questions.

For Manufacturers & Brands

  • Interact with independent retailers and dealers to bolster your brand.
  • Introduce yourself to new retailers and dealers. Make valuable connections to expand your distribution channels.
  • Educate retailers and team dealers about products to increase sales.
  • Get feedback from a diverse group of sellers.

All retailers, team dealers and manufacturers registered for the Conference & Summit are eligible. To participate, you must  RSVP "yes" on your registration form.

Slots are filling up! Register by noon on April 27 to participate in the Speed Networking session.