2018 Management CONFERENCE & team dealer SUMMIT


“We have met some really great people and learned a lot about the industry. The talks have been particularly interesting because I've been able to understand some of the challenges and how people can work to create solutions to get around some of those issues.”
— Louise Wilson, Head of Marketing/Communications, D3O

“I don't think you can meet people like this without being at an event like this.''
— Myles Doak, Founder, SummerSkates Limited

"I am so thankful GloveStix was picked to show our product in the Innovations Arena this past year. Since we are a new business with a lot to learn, attending this 4-day event was awakening. My husband and I learned more about the sporting goods industry and how it operates in those four days then we had the entire two years prior. I left with a bunch of new connections and more importantly, some new friends!"
— Krista Woods, Director of Stink Operations, GloveStix

"I like the Management Conference – it draws the right people together in the industry to discuss and share ideas. The format of the conference always offers the best opportunity for all facets of our industry to get together.”
Larry Aasheim, Founder, Universal Athletic

“I get to sit back and listen to excellent speakers share tips and take that information back and implement it into what we do as a company. How can we change for the better?”
—Jerry Williams, President, Schuylkill Valley Sports

"The very first time you go to a conference, you will be impressed and want to come back. The ability to pick up the phone and talk to somebody that you’ve met – that’s just invaluable, you can’t put a price on that.”
Don Bates, President, Allen Sports Center

“The conference provides the opportunity to interact with key industry individuals and discuss ways to make my business better utilizing  their expertise.” 
Bob Fawley, Owner & President, Capitol Varsity Sports

"The NSGA Management Conference is an opportunity for you to learn the tools that you need in your tool belt. They make it easy to find information and also an easy avenue to be able to connect with the people who can help you in your business.”
Bob McArthur, President & CEO, Johnny Mac’s Sporting Goods

“The Management Conference is a great place to build upon new business plans and to test out potential business strategies with industry leaders. You can’t beat the setting, it’s great to network with our dealers and see what’s going on and pick their brains a little bit, so we can be better.” 
Brett Stahl, VP & GM, Stahls’