Manufacturer, wholesaler, industry associate and sales agent Member Benefits


NSGA helps manufacturers sell/distribute their products to the retailers, team dealers, wholesalers, and sales agents they need. NSGA effortlessly helps to amplify your brand, connect with industry contacts, understand market trends and effectively sell your products.


NSGA helps retailers and dealers that are looking for an alternative source for products of select brands. NSGA wholesaler members are leading and/or new companies that resale sporting goods and merchandise to retailers, dealers, other wholesalers and more. 

Industry Associates of NSGA provide services and needed products to the sporting goods industry. NSGA helps to increase exposure, industry knowledge and clientele for all our industry associate members. 

NSGA helps to assist agents in interfacing more successfully with the manufacturers they represent and the customers they serve. The NSGA Division for Sales Agents include sales agencies, independent sales agents and company sales representatives in the many segments of the sporting goods industry.







Questions? Contact Brian Van Acker, Membership Manager, at or call (847) 296-6742, ext. 1170.