new nsga member uses harsh winter to help homeless

Profits From Image Apparel Solutions "Chi-Beria" T-Shirts Will Be Donated to Chicago Coaltion for the Homeless 

One of the harshest winters in Chicago history inspired National Weather Service meteorologist Ricky Castro to come up with the term "Chiberia." It also inspired Tim Kelliher, the President of Image Apparel Solutions in Wheeling, a Northwest suburb of Chicago, to turn "Chiberia" into a way to help the less fortunate.
Kelliher said he was frequently asked to make a "Chiberia" T-Shirt. He figured he could use the success of the shirt as a way to help the homeless since they are the most affected by the brutal winter weather. So Image Apparel Solutions teamed with the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless on a commemorative T-shirt that will help support efforts to prevent and end homelessness.
A limited edition "Chi-Beria" commemorative T-shirt is available for purchase through May 31, 2014 for $25 (includes shipping and taxes). All profits from the sale and additional donations will go to the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, which is a not-for-profit organization. You can click here to order your memorial T-shirt or make a donation.
Kelliher credited the volunteer work of his staff to produce the T-shirts and said this could turn into an annual way of helping others. Last summer, Image Apparel Solutions created a T-shirt which raised more than $30,000 for the families of 19 firefighters from Prescott, Ariz., who were killed in a wildfire.
Click here to learn more about Image Apparel Solutions, which recently joined NSGA.