NSGA Introduces New Measure in 2016 Participation Report

Katie Nemec, Director of Marketing & Communications
(847)296-6742, ext. 1070

MOUNT PROSPECT, ILLINOIS (May 4, 2016) – The National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA) released the 2016 edition of its Sports Participation in the US report today.  The longest-standing sports industry report of its kind gains a unique view through a new measure called Total Participation Points (TPPs).

“The benefit of TPPs is that it takes into account the combination of reach and depth of participation,” commented NSGA Director of Research and Information Dustin Dobrin. “It gives organizations a better view of opportunities gained or lost within each sport segment by not only taking into consideration the number of people participating (reach), but also the number of sports each person is participating in (depth).”

Based on the new TPP measure, the 2016 report reveals that all key segments experienced participation gains during 2015. Segments leading the way included Personal Contact Sports (+5.2%) and Team Sports (+4.1%). Significant gains were also experienced among Indoor Games (+3.5%), Fitness Activities (+2.5%), and Wheel Sports (+2.1%). Dobrin cautions, “Although the growth realized in 2015 is encouraging, it is important to note that one year does not represent a trend. The hope is for sustained increases in participation over multiple years.”

This year’s edition of the Sports Participation in the US report includes a summary snapshot of segment participation trends from the 1990s through 2015 based on the new TPP measure. The report also includes easy-to-understand, quick view snapshots by sport/activity, allowing users to easily see a 10-year participation trend (when available) in addition to key demographic and geographic drivers of participation. NSGA’s participation research also includes Cross Participation, Lifecycle Demographics, and Single Sport reports.

For more information on each report and to purchase your copies today, or to learn more about NSGA’s research, please visit www.nsga.org/research.