NSGA can help with your emv switch

The National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA) entered into extensive negotiations for more highly favorable deals with payments process providers to help members purchase EMV-ready terminals at an affordable price. In addition, NSGA took this opportunity to renegotiate per transaction fees to provide further longterm cost-savings for members.

We now have the ability to offer terminals to our members at practically no cost, with lower-than-market transaction rates, the assurance that EMV-ready terminals will be made available without delay and with highly personalized consulting throughout the certification process. Our recommended processor is prepared for the surge of orders and has programing in place to help minimize any predictable delays, particularly with high-end terminals. We have also found a vendor that is able to provide smart business knowledge to keep you ahead of the game in terms of payment processing technology and rule changes.

Your Solution

Payment Alliance International (PAI) is a financial services provider that offers credit card processing, ATM machines, check services and more. PAI focuses on relationship building with every client. They support their services with real-time customer-service, analytical solutions and resources to help keep users informed of changing regulations and trends related to payment transactions.

PAI services 80,000 businesses, 550 financial institutions with more than 60,000 ATM locations, and is a recipient of multiple awards, including “Inc. 5000” Company every year.

PAI shares NSGA’s mission to “constantly seek simple ways to grow your business, increase revenue and surpass your customer’s expectations.” PAI focuses on helping the little guy, providing business owners with financial services that help owners stay competitive even with limited resources.

According to PAI, “smart growth means adding products and services that you can deliver confidently, without worrying about overextending your business operationally or financially.”

PAI strives to be a powerful partner in “finding new, innovative ways to help you increase profits with every financial transaction.” They can help you open up new revenue streams, provide revenue producing products, expand payment options, build e-Marketing and Loyalty programs, create ATM branding solutions, offer report analysis and more.

Exclusive Offerings to NSGA Members

For anyone seeking EMV-ready terminals, PAI is willing to offer NSGA members the new terminals at-cost, providing a 50% discount in most cases. All members will also receive a $100 rebate on their next monthly statement in addition to the half-off discount.

PAI will also be offering NSGA members the lowest per transaction rate fees possible – which you won’t be able to find anywhere individually as a customer. You will also receive an additional 35% monthly NSGA member rebate in addition to the cut-rate prices PAI is providing. As a result, you can lower your credit card transaction rates, saving you additional costs every day.

To learn more about our new credit card processor and additional discounts offered exclusively to NSGA members, please go to www.nsga.org/pai or contact Meghan Beach, NSGA Membership & Education Director at mbeach@nsga.org or (847) 296-NSGA (6742) x1280.