NSGA Members Save On Residential Surcharges For 2019 Holiday Season

FedEx and UPS have announced they will not apply peak season surcharges on residential deliveries this holiday season, giving e-commerce retailers much to celebrate. However, as in the past, both carrier companies will continue to implement additional peak surcharges on large shipments, or those requiring additional handling for the holidays.

Online sales are expected to grow this holiday season, and as e-commerce booms, the packages and products moving through carrier facilities diversifies. Larger, heavier and bulkier shipments requiring additional handling decrease efficiency for the carrier and will be subjected to fees as a result. It is important to familiarize yourself with UPS and FedEx peak season surcharges in preparation for the retail boom. It may also make sense to look into available service alternatives such as less-than-truckload options in order to remain profitable during the holidays.

The NSGA Shipping Program gives retailers options. In addition to exclusive FedEx discounts on select services, members also have an advantage with competitive freight pricing for larger shipments. To take advantage of this free member benefit, enroll today at PartnerShip.com/06nsga. For more information, call PartnerShip® at (800) 599-2902 or email sales@PartnerShip.com.