Poll: Marketplace Fairness Momentum at All-Time High

Marty Maciaszek, Director of Communications
(847)296-6742, ext. 1260

MOUNT PROSPECT, ILLINOIS (Sept. 12, 2014) – The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) released the results of a national poll that shows that seven in 10 Americans support legislation requiring sales tax collection at the time of an online purchase. This represents an increase of six percentage points since 2013 and 11 percentage points since 2012.

The National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA), like the ICSC, is a member of the Marketplace Fairness Coalition, made up of national, regional and state retail and business groups that are working to achieve an even playing field for hometown retailers.

“This is an issue that NSGA has supported on behalf of our retailer and team dealer members since the introduction of the Marketplace Fairness Act,” said NSGA President & CEO Matt Carlson. “We continue to urge our members to reach out to their U.S. Senators and Representatives to pass this tax fairness legislation. Our members shouldn’t have to go through another holiday selling season competing for business in an unfair arena. Our elected officials haven’t agreed on much, but the Senate overwhelmingly supported this legislation on both sides of the political aisle. Now is the time to get it done.”

The poll also found that 82% of Americans think collecting sales tax from online-only vendors at the time of purchase is easier, up by four percentage points since 2013 (78%) and seven percentage points since 2012 (75%). This is the only national poll that has tracked attitudes among Americans on these two issues for three consecutive years.

The national poll identified a number of key findings, including:

  • 70% of Americans support federal legislation that would require online-only sellers to collect sales tax at the time of purchase.
  • 56% of Americans believe that collecting sales tax from online-only vendors at the time of purchase is fairer to local retailers.
  • 82% of Americans think it would be easier to collect sales tax from online-only vendors at the time of purchase.
  • 93% of Americans say local retailers are important to their community’s economic health.