Sporting Goods Shopper Behavior Explored in Unique Study

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MOUNT PROSPECT, ILLINOIS (June 8, 2015) – Shopping physical stores is still a favorite play call among sporting goods shoppers, according to the recent release of the National Sporting Goods Association’s (NSGA) first-ever sporting goods shopper insight study. The NSGA Shopper Playbook: Insights into the Sporting Goods Shopper identifies that 9 in every 10 sporting goods shoppers visit a physical store prior to purchasing a product, even among the technology-savvy Millennial generation.

“Our members have shown a great desire in better understanding shopper attitudes and behavior specific to the sporting goods industry,” said NSGA’s Director of Research & Information Dustin Dobrin. “Our study brings clarity to the amount and type of research being performed by sporting goods shoppers, the role of planned vs. unplanned purchases, the incidence of showrooming, and more.”

NSGA’s shopper insight report further explores shopper influences, behaviors, and decisions along the purchase journey, leading to recommended actions intended to maximize purchase conversion and satisfaction. The study identifies four stages to the sporting goods shopper’s path to purchase and six key behaviors that occur along the path.

This extensive, multi-phased study examined the attitudes and behaviors of over 5,000 sporting goods shoppers. A variety of methodologies, involving qualitative and quantitative research, were used inside and outside of the retail store to capture the key insights.

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