Athletic dealers of americA & Nation's best sports Partner to Co-Locate Fall Athletic Market

VIERA, FLORIDA & FORT WORTH, TEXAS (August 28, 2017) - ADA and NBS have partnered to co-locate their 2017 Fall Athletic Buying Sessions. The joint event will be held at the Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Both NBS and ADA will maintain its own identity during the event while sharing a joint buying experience. 

The synergy between the two buying groups will allow show exhibitors to save travel time and expenses by attending a single event. In addition, members from both groups will benefit from seeing more industry vendors at one location.

“We are excited for this opportunity! Not only will it save time and money, it will allow us to reinvest in growing the team and retail athletic business,” said NBS President Jim Chandley. “We look forward to working with the ADA staff to execute a mutually beneficial event.” 

“This is a positive step for both of our groups as well as our show vendors and sales reps. This will improve the productivity of the show for all attendees while reducing the costs that were associated with vendors attending multiple shows,” said ADA President Peter Schneider. 

The dates for the new combined show are November 10 – 12, 2017. To receive an exhibitor show packet, please contact Amelia Anton at (321) 254-0091 or

More detailed information on this joint venture will follow from each group within the next few days.