NSGA Applauds Senate for Pledging To Move Marketplace Fairness Act Forward


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NSGA Applauds Senate for Pledging To Move Marketplace Fairness Act Forward

MOUNT PROSPECT, IL (February 10, 2016) – The National Sporting Goods Association is pleased with the announcement by U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) Tuesday that he will bring the Marketplace Fairness Act, which passed in the previous Congress with overwhelming bi-partisan support, to a vote again this year.

According to a Bloomberg article, the Senate will take up a stand-alone bill dealing with Internet sales taxes later this year as part of a deal that will allow the chamber to pass a trade enforcement bill this week, McConnell said Tuesday.

“We are pleased that the Senate will finally bring the Marketplace Fairness Act to a vote this year and thank Senators McConnell and Dick Durbin (D-IL) for their work in helping make this happen,” said NSGA President & CEO Matt Carlson. “Our legislators need to level the playing field and save brick-and-mortar retailers from an unfair advantage held by Internet-only sellers. We urge our members to contact their Senators and House members to show their support for this important measure.”

“I’ve indicated to the supporters of [the Marketplace Fairness Act] that we’ll have an opportunity to consider that sometime this year,” McConnell told reporters at the same time that he said he expects the conference agreement on the trade bill to be approved by Thursday.

Senate Minority Whip Durbin confirmed that a deal had been struck. “If it is passed in the House it will be called in the Senate this year,” Durbin told reporters. “If it is not passed in the House, we’ll have an opportunity to call it as a free-standing bill in the Senate this year. The latest version of the bill is the one we’re all rallying behind.”

The House bill is H.R. 2775, the Remote Transactions Parity Act (RTPA), which was introduced last summer by Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT).

NSGA has supported that bill, and an NSGA delegation met with Chaffetz and other Representatives in July, seeking consideration and passage of the bill.

For more information, please contact Larry Weindruch at NSGA, lweindruch@nsga.org. To send a message to your Representative in Washington, click here.

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