rawlings introduces new baseball helmet with facial extension piece

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI (July 26, 2018) - Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, Inc., the official batting helmet of Major League Baseball®, recently introduced a new helmet model featuring a jaw-protecting extension piece known as the MACH EXT. The helmet shell is constructed with high-performance, impact-absorbing foam and provides a sleeker profile, optimized ventilation as well as added protection in the facial area.

"With head protection being a newsworthy topic in all of sports, we challenged our engineers to create a helmet that would modernize and keep up with the speed of the game," said Mike Thompson, executive vice-president of marketing at Rawlings. "We've spent countless hours testing the MACH EXT with various athletes and believe this new helmet and extension piece will not only aid in keeping the game safe, but will let them feel the same confidence at the plate as the game's top pros."

The energy management foam in the MACH helmet absorbs and disperses impact forces, and is more durable and long-lasting to take on multiple impacts. The MACH EXT was developed to complement the helmet's design, and includes a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) piece concealing hardware for an integrated look.

"To validate the design of the MACH EXT regarding cosmetics, functionality, and performance, we did external testing with some high-profile athletes; while internally, we performed high-impact testing to measure durability as well as performance," said Doug Guenther, senior director of innovation and product development. "As a result of the testing, we created a flap design that is seamless with the new shell, and results in a more integrated look, while providing a high visibility concept without sacrificing coverage."

The MACH EXT is offered in one and two-tone matte versions in both senior and junior sizes on Rawlings.com and at select Rawlings retailers. Custom options will be available in October 2018.