under armour, virgin galactic team to design technical spacewear


BALTIMORE, MARYLAND (January 25, 2019) - In the 1960s, pop culture declared space “the final frontier.” Over the 50-plus years since space travel began, only 568 people have ever been to space. The game is changing in 2019, as visionaries and leaders come together, innovating to make space accessible to the Earth-bound masses. 

Virgin Galactic and Under Armour announced a partnership to create a new generation of space apparel and footwear, as well as an astronaut performance training program.

"Working with Sir Richard and Virgin Galactic is an opportunity of a lifetime, one that has the entire Under Armour team across the world excited," said Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank. "This is a great opportunity to test our innovation at the highest level and continue to push the limits of human performance."

"Our partnership is built on the firm foundations of shared values, and it will be an absolute privilege to wear an Under Armour astronaut space suit on Virgin Galactic's inaugural commercial space flight," said Virgin Galactic's Sir Richard Branson. "I have followed Under Armour’s progress through a personal friendship with its CEO, Kevin Plank and via the great relationships it has established over the years with various Virgin companies.

"I’ve loved its determination to push technical boundaries in order to improve performance, so could not have been more pleased when Kevin and his talented teams stepped up to the considerable task of creating a range of space apparel and performance programmes for Virgin Galactic."

The collaboration brings together two global brands with the vision for a better future. Under Armour’s mission is to make athletes better; while Virgin Galactic is making commercial space travel a reality. With a shared belief in the power of human imagination and the possibilities of human innovation, they are setting out to make the world better.