NSGA Shopper Playbook: Insights Into the Sporting Goods Shopper

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Have you ever wanted to know:

  • Do sporting goods shoppers perform research prior to going to the store to purchase an item?
  • How many prefer to purchase in a physical store vs. online?
  • Are unplanned purchases occurring in the sporting goods store and is there opportunity for growth?
  • Is showrooming a major problem within sporting goods stores?
  • What are overall perceptions of sporting goods retailers?

Based on NSGA’s first-ever sporting goods shopper study, The NSGA Shopper Playbook: Insights into the Sporting Goods Shopper explores each of these questions and more! Understanding the sporting goods shopper’s path to purchase and his or her attitudes and behaviors is essential for revealing business growth opportunities. This report explores key insights related to shopper influences, behaviors, and decisions along the purchase journey, leading to recommended actions intended to maximize purchase conversion and satisfaction.

This extensive, multi-phased study explores the attitudes and behaviors of over 1,600 sporting goods shoppers and purchase conversion rates based on over 3,500 in-store observations. A variety of methodologies, involving qualitative and quantitative research, were used inside and outside of the retail store to capture the key insights. In addition, key variables were explored such as product types (equipment, footwear, and apparel), high vs. low involvement purchases, retail outlet types (full-line, specialty, etc.), and ages of shoppers.

Don’t miss this terrific opportunity to learn more about the sporting goods shopper and to help you start thinking about ways in which your business can capitalize on the insights.

Examples of Insights Provided

  • The four stages of the sporting goods shopper’s path to purchase
  • The three types of purchases that can exist: planned, functional unplanned, impulsive unplanned
  • % of shoppers researching products prior to the purchase occasion
  • Source of information used to research products
  • Number of websites and physical stores visited prior to making a purchase decision
  • Information sought prior to purchasing in-store vs. online
  • % of shoppers that shop in-store only vs. online only vs. both in-store and online
  • % of shoppers that prefer to purchase in-store vs. online
  • Reasons that shoppers purchase in-store vs. online
  • Strengths and obstacles of shopper experiences in-store
  • % of shopping occasions where the purchase is influenced during the shopping occasion
  • % of purchases that are planned vs. unplanned and ways to maximize the potential for unplanned purchases
  • Prevalence of showrooming (browsing in-store and then purchasing online)
  • % of shoppers using a smartphone inside the store to help make decisions
  • % of shoppers that leave the sporting goods store without making a purchase and why
  • Negative perceptions of different types of channels of purchase

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