In 2018, NSGA partnered with Matt Nurre of Retail Design Source, Inc., and conducted a series of 14 retail audits. The goal of the retail audit was to provide an objective review of retail practices and identify ways retailers can complement their sporting goods product knowledge with better store design and merchandising.

NSGA has taken the insights from the retail audits it commissioned in 2018 and produced a pair of comprehensive reports with advice and answers for our members.



 “Retail Audit Insights”: This report shares Nurre's findings from his store visits and addresses ways retailers can complement their sporting goods product knowledge with more functional store design and purpose-driven merchandising. Some of the biggest challenges sporting goods retailers face are addressed and suggestions are given in the conclusion of the report.


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 “Guide to a Better Retailing Experience”: In this report, all aspects of the sporting goods retail experience are examined. Suggestions are given from the appearance of the storefront, floors, ceilings and lights to do-it-yourself merchandising.


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If you have questions or comments with regard to either of these reports, contact Nick Rigitano, NSGA Director of Insights and Analysis, at or (847) 296-NSGA (6742), ext. 1080.