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State of New York Twenty-First Century Antitrust Act

State of New York Twenty-First Century Antitrust Act

This legislation intends to curb “big tech” by establishing pre-merger guidelines and a new “abuse of dominance standard” to protect competition in New York. This bill also provides the New York Attorney General new powers and additional enforcement tools. There is urgency to pass this legislation as the current session ends in June 2022, however, opposition to the bill is mobilized.

Since concentrated market power is a formidable threat facing independent, small businesses, NSGA closely monitors this movement and has signed-on to letters of support to the New York General Assembly. Should the Twenty-First Century Antitrust Act pass in New York, it may serve as a gateway for other states to adopt similar legislation, thereby creating additional barriers and penalties for large companies to dominate the marketplace. NSGA is a regular participant in updates from the Institute for Local Self Reliance and the Small Business Rising Coalition which is actively advocating for passage of this legislation.

NSGA has also weighed in on several matters that will benefit our members including a letter to the Biden-Harris administration encouraging early action to resolve a labor dispute between the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) and advocated for the Postal Service Reform Act which will benefit our members who use the post office to ship to customers throughout the United States.

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