Membership Terms

Membership Terms & Auto-Renewal Program Information

General NSGA Membership Renewal Terms and Conditions

NSGA dues are non-refundable and not tax deductible. NSGA occasionally makes its members’ contact information available to member vendors. If you prefer to not be included in these lists, please email NSGA will respect your preference.

The NSGA Auto-Renewal Program is an easy and convenient way to ensure that your membership with NSGA goes uninterrupted. With the Auto-Renewal Program your membership will be extended automatically on your expiration date, thereby providing you peace of mind and a seamless renewal process.

How Will My Membership Be Automatically Renewed?

Prior to your membership expiration, you will receive an email reminder stating the amount and on which date you will be charged. If for any reason it is not possible to charge the card (for example, your credit card has expired) you will receive a reminder by email advising you to update your credit card information accordingly. If you don’t update your information by the timeframe indicated, an invoice will be sent.

How Do I Enroll in the NSGA Auto-Renewal Program?

When purchasing your membership you can sign up for auto-renewal. If at any time you need to update your auto-renewal information (credit card change) or cancel your auto-renewal you may do so through your NSGA member portal.


Auto-Renewal Terms and Conditions

By enrolling, you agree that your membership will automatically renew at the full dues amount for successive renewal terms, and you expressly authorize and permit NSGA to bill your membership renewal fee to the credit card you have provided until you request to be removed from the NSGA Auto-Renewal Program. Automatic renewal transactions will be processed on your expiration date. NSGA will notify you 60 days before your expiration date with the amount to be charged and instructions on how to cancel if you choose to do so. If you want to cancel your automatic renewal, you should do so at least 24 business hours before your membership expiration date to ensure that the credit card you provided is not charged. You may cancel through your NSGA member portal, emailing or by calling (847) 296-6742, ext. 1170 with the following exception: you will not be able to cancel an auto-renewal on the day it is due to be processed. Please keep your contact and payment information up-to-date to facilitate the process.