Verified Dealer Application


Is the stock in the applicant’s business publicly traded?(Required)
Is the applicant’s business at least 51% owned by an individual or family with a controlling interest in the business?(Required)
Does the applicant have a brick-and-mortar presence (including a warehouse where customers can see you doing business)?(Required)
Does the applicant have a website promoting the business?(Required)
Can the applicant’s website be used for e-commerce?(Required)
Does the applicant have an active use of social media to promote its business?(Required)
Does the applicant have a process for addressing customer and/or vendor complaints?(Required)
Is the applicant’s business currently an NSGA member?(Required)

When did someone from the applicant’s business last attend the NSGA Management Conference & Team Dealer Summit? Who attended most recently from your company? If you have not attended the Management Conference, please explain how you have achieved a comparable educational component in the industry.

Provide Six References

NSGA will not be held responsible for any questions answered inaccurately – intentionally or unintentionally. Questions intentionally answered incorrectly could result in disqualification from the program. The applicant has an obligation to inform NSGA of any changes or operation of its business that would lead to the applicant no longer meeting the criteria on the application form. Failure to inform NSGA of changes may lead to the withdrawal of the applicant company’s verified independent dealer status.(Required)
Please email any additional information you wish to be considered by NSGA in making its determination as to eligibility to

The NSGA MVP Verified Independent Dealer and NSGA All-Star Verified Independent Dealer programs recognize the most qualified independently owned retailers and dealers in the sporting goods industry. If you are interested in applying for this program, please complete the application below and a member of the NSGA staff will respond to you as soon as possible.

Questions? Contact Marty Maciaszek, NSGA Team Dealer Director, at or (847) 296-NSGA (6742), ext. 1260.