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HDA/SDC Collaboration

National Sporting Goods Association/Hockey Dealers Association Sports Distributors of Canada Collaboration

In July 2013, the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA), its specialty hockey division, the Hockey Dealers Association (HDA), and the Sports Distributors of Canada (SDC) launched a unique collaboration which will allow NSGA and HDA member retailers and team dealers access to the group buying power of SDC’s members for the purchase of ice hockey equipment. This partnership will benefit each group.

SDC is extending its vast hockey expertise and buying strength to approved NSGA and HDA members. NSGA and HDA will participate in all levels of SDC’s hockey business, including at their annual hockey show, buying programs and special makeup offerings, as well as have representation on the SDC Hockey Committee. Members of the collaboration have already started taking advantage of its benefits!

About SDC

Sports Distributors of Canada Ltd., is a member-owned buying group with 164 members and 205 locations across Canada. With its head office in Burlington, Ontario, SDC is comprised of both a sporting goods and outdoor division. Each member of SDC is independently owned and operated by a member of the local community, most with decades of experience in the sporting goods retail business. To learn more about the group, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Knowing there would be many questions as a result of the collaboration, the groups have created a Frequently Asked Questions document that can be utilized for prospective applications to better understand it.

Interested in Joining the Collaboration?

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More information

Contact Tom Van Jacobs, Managing Director of HDA. P: (847) 296-6742, ext. 1290. Email: