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Augusta Launches Freestyle Headwear Design Platform

Corporate • September 10, 2021

GROVETOWN, GEORGIA (September 10, 2021) – Augusta Sportswear Brands announces its launch of FreeStyle Headwear, a proprietary new custom headwear design platform. FreeStyle Headwear provides Pacific Headwear customers the ultimate design experience by delivering the freedom to create their style in just four quick and easy steps.

From flat or 3D embroidery, to leather patches in popular shapes and sizes, FreeStyle Headwear provides an unparalleled, immersive 3D user experience topped off with a mobile interface that enables detailed designs to come to life quickly and easily on any phone or tablet.

“We have taken the immensely successful FreeStyle Sublimation design platform and brought it over to hats for our Pacific Headwear customers,” said Dave Elliott, CEO of Augusta Sportswear Brands. “We’re thrilled to expand this user-friendly platform from sublimation to custom headwear, with some exciting plans to expand it even further in the future. Bringing world-class technology to our customers so they can enhance their businesses is a focus for us.”

FreeStyle Sublimation and FreeStyle Headwear are found on Augusta Sportswear Brands’ website. In addition, these two platforms can be embedded on customers’ websites to allow for a simple, streamlined way of doing custom business. FreeStyle Headwear’s official launch is September 13, 2021.