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Bauer Announces Line of Facial Protection for Hockey Community

Corporate , HDA News • June 17, 2020

EXETER, NEW HAMPSHIRE (June 17, 2020) — Bauer Hockey announced a new line of products to help enable the safe return of hockey. Taking learnings from BAUER medical-grade face shields, this summer the company will launch facial protection specifically designed for players, coaches, administrators, on-ice officials, parents and fans.

“We are so proud to have supported nurses and doctors on the front lines with medical-grade face shields,” said Dan Bourgeois, VP of Product Innovation. “This new BAUER lineup is inspired by that work and our commitment to One Team. As communities begin to re-open, we will combine this experience with our hockey-specific expertise to provide protection for the hockey community and in people’s everyday lives.”

When the spread of COVID-19 increased in early March, Bauer Hockey halted sports equipment production at its facilities, including in Blainville, QC, and in Liverpool, NY, and pivoted quickly to design, produce and deliver more than 2 million medical-grade face shields to help address a shortage impacting front line medical professionals.

As local communities begin to re-open with a cautious approach that requires masks and other protections, this new lineup of BAUER products will help prepare players, coaches, trainers, administrators and sports fans when public health officials indicate it is safe to resume play.

Off-Ice Protection

The BAUER Integrated Cap Shield (patent pending) attaches to the brim of a baseball hat or can be worn separately. It is designed to provide protection that stretches from the forehead to chin, offering important eye, nose and mouth splash coverage. It includes adjustable straps to maximize comfort and fit. A built-in Anti-Fog treatment allows for usage throughout the day as a layer of separation from people in close proximity. The Integrated Cap Shield complies with ANSI Standards for protection against splash and splatter, and for droplet resistance. It will be available at authorized BAUER retail locations and in early August.

The BAUER Reversible Fabric Mask, which covers the nose and mouth, can be worn by itself or in combination with the BAUER Integrated Cap Shield or any other face shield. This is an effective and comfortable option to be worn around the rink or in communities where face coverings are recommended or required. The BAUER Reversible Fabric Mask is available now at authorized BAUER retail locations and

While the Reversible Fabric Mask and Integrated Cap Shield provide protection off the ice for coaches, fans, equipment managers, administrators and arena staff, these can also be used far beyond the hockey rink. These two products offer a protective solution for everyday activities, such as grocery shopping, or for organizations, such as restaurants, looking for employee safeguards.

On-Ice Protection

The BAUER Concept 3 Splash Guard works exclusively with the BAUER Concept 3 player face mask to provide additional splash protection while allowing the player to focus on their game. This new product is designed to enhance coverage around the mouth and maintain a high level of vision and breathability. The BAUER Concept 3 Splash Guard is scheduled to be available at authorized BAUER retail locations and in August.The Fabric Mask is machine washable and can be reused. The BAUER Integrated Cap Shield and Concept 3 Splash Guard can also be cleaned and disinfected for re-use.

“Bauer Hockey has a long history of developing innovative products that advance protection on the ice,” said Craig Desjardins, Vice President of Product, Bauer Hockey. “It was a natural pivot for our team to shift from protecting players to members of the medical community in a time of crisis, and now we’re looking to continue our mission of protection as communities re-open and sports return.”

As an example of the BAUER off-ice products providing employee safeguards, Bauer Hockey is proud to partner with Canlan, North America’s leader in the development, operations and ownership of ice hockey rinks. All of the products in this new BAUER lineup will be used by Canlan’s staff, including zone control attendants and health and safety ambassadors, as part of a comprehensive program to re-open the company’s 49 ice rinks in the United States and Canada.

“There has been an incredible amount of work, care and innovation put into developing our Exposure Control and Return to Play Plans,” said Joey St-Aubin, President & CEO, Canlan Ice Sports Corp. “Given our shared values on safety and innovation, we built Bauer’s newly developed protective equipment right into our protocols. As we bring hockey back, our customers and employees can rest assured we are doing so with the utmost of care and confidence.”

“We are proud to partner with Canlan in prioritizing a safe return to play for all members of our hockey community. We believe in all hockey has to offer kids in terms of learning valuable life lessons, building character and developing lifelong friendships. That is why we are extremely excited to offer a safe path to re-start our great game,” said Mary-Kay Messier, Vice President of Global Marketing, Bauer Hockey.