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Bauer Hockey Acquires Sharpening and Profiling Company ProSharp

Corporate, HDA News • August 3, 2021

EXETER, NEW HAMPSHIRE (August 3, 2021) – Bauer Hockey announced that it has acquired ProSharp AB, a premium skate sharpening and profiling company based in Sweden. Founded in 1984, ProSharp is trusted by some of the world’s top hockey stars in the National Hockey League, as well as national teams and professional clubs across Europe.

“With experience spanning four decades, ProSharp quickly became a trusted partner with players and equipment managers around the world,” said Ed Kinnaly, CEO of Bauer Hockey. “This is an exciting acquisition because it enables us to further customize skate fit and optimize player performance. Together with our retail partners, we will be able to provide an even greater level of service offerings and in-store experiences with ProSharp’s technology.”

The ProSharp product portfolio includes a complete range of skate sharpening and profiling products to meet the needs of players and teams. ProSharp offers professional-grade sharpening and profiling machines that are lightweight and portable for at-home and travel use, as well as commercial-grade systems built for teams and retail stores that need a broader range of features and regularly service a high volume of skates.

“The combination of our product lineup and Bauer Hockey’s relentless commitment to innovation will bring ProSharp to the next level,” said Magnus Eriksson, CEO of ProSharp. “As part of the Bauer Hockey team, ProSharp will be able to build upon our commitment to excellence, innovation and premium service with increased investment. Together, we are positioned to further enhance our technology and features, increase distribution opportunities and create exciting consumer engagement opportunities.”

In addition to expanding ProSharp’s reach with the world’s top stars and leagues, Bauer Hockey plans to expand ProSharp’s reach with youth and minor hockey players. Players can trust ProSharp services at retail and at home to provide the same high-performing edge every time they step on the ice.

For authorized BAUER retail partners with skate sharpening services, ProSharp’s user-friendly operation can improve turnaround time, while ensuring edge consistency and adding new services. ProSharp’s technology can easily add profiling and other features to a retail store’s skate service offering, and in partnership with Bauer Hockey retail locations can offer try-before-you-buy experiences that allow customers to test new edge hollows and custom skate profiles.

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