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Burton, Nitro Snowboards Enter Boot Licensing Partnership

Corporate • December 15, 2021

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (December 15, 2021) – Nitro Snowboards and Burton entered a boot licensing partnership for two Step On® compatible boot models, hitting shops in the fall of 2022. The partnership is a testament to Nitro and Burton’s common goal to unite the snowboard community and get more people out snowboarding.

“We have developed and sold several mechanical binding systems and compatible boots over the past three decades. While we were always striving for maximum performance and comfort for the rider, we also learned that too many different systems on the market could lead to confusion and unwanted stock for retailers rather than advancing our sport. Therefore, we have decided that Nitro will not develop another platform but rather team up with Step On® to provide more choices to the rider and easier handling for the retailer. We believe this is the best way towards getting more people stoked on snowboarding and keeping them riding,” said Thomas Delago, Co-Founder and President of Nitro Snowboards.
“Burton is so excited to have Nitro join a growing list of Step On® compatible brands, positioning Step On® to be the preferred mechanical boot/binding interface of the future,” said Chris Cunningham, Chief Product Officer at Burton. “With the addition of Nitro, riders now have even more choices at their feet to find their preferred boot fit – all while benefiting from the confidence and trust that Step On® technology provides. By expanding Step On® compatibility to brands such as Nitro, we will undoubtedly bring even more riders to the sport we all love so much.”
Nitro has created two new boot models, the Profile TLS Step On® and Cave TLS Step On®. Both models are designed to offer the ultimate Nitro Fit and the groundbreaking easy entry Step On® technology for new and experienced riders all over the map. Offering seamless compatibility with all of Burton’s Step On® binding models, the Nitro boots use Burton’s proprietary Step On® interface, allowing riders to easily purchase any boot and binding combination they prefer.
“These two models will add fit and lacing variety to the existing offering of Step On® compatible boots. To support this offering, Burton will sell Step On® bindings to Nitro retailers, according to the boot quantities ordered, to make sure shops have the complete system available,” said Delago.

Nitro is looking forward to working with retailers and the snowboard community globally to get more people out snowboarding by simplifying the market’s binding interface systems and allowing people to experience different boot fits to get the right fit for them.
“Nitro has always been a purpose-driven brand, and that purpose is to be the best snowboard retail partner and motivate people to go out and snowboard – it does not matter how you do it or what you ride as long as you can get out and go snowboarding. This is why we feel it is only fitting that two of the biggest brands in snowboarding come together and get more people snowboarding with this revolutionary interface,” said Knut Eliassen, Nitro VP of Global Creative Marketing. “The new Step On® system offers new energy and an easy-to-understand experience which will inspire more people to start, stay in, or get back into snowboarding. We are hyped to work together with the Burton to offer more Step On® boot options in this new segment.”
Jake Burton Carpenter, the founder of Burton Snowboards in 1977, was inducted into the National Sporting Goods Association’s Sporting Goods Industry Hall of Fame in 2003.