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CCM Hockey Unveils New Protective Equipment

Corporate, HDA News • September 18, 2020

CCM’s Super Tacks X Helmet with NEST Tech

MONTREAL, QUEBEC (September 18, 2020) – CCM Hockey and Carbon have released a new hockey helmet design. This design leverages 3D printing and Next Evolution Sense Technology (NEST) to offer a custom-fit head protection.

“At Carbon, we are laser-focused on enabling customers to bring innovative products to market that push industries forward,” said Carbon CEO Ellen Kullman. “We’re excited to partner with CCM Hockey, a leading manufacturer in hockey equipment for over a century, to produce a revolutionary hockey helmet that will change the game.”

The new helmet, CCM Hockey’s Super Tacks X with NEST Tech, is manufactured using Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis technology. The NEST technology consists of a lattice-structured liner designed to improve breathability, comfort and protection. The liner is customized to the player to provide better energy absorption and dissipation.

The new helmet with 3D printed liner will be featured in the upcoming 2021 season for the NHL. Three NHL players gave it a test run on ice and had great feedback. This new helmet liner will not just be available to the NHL. CCM announced it will be releasing the helmet for consumers in the spring of 2021.

“Super Tacks X with NEST Tech is a revolutionary helmet liner technology, bringing unmatched breathability, superior fit, improved comfort and elite level protection for our athletes,” said Jeff Dalzell, Vice President of Product Creation at CCM Hockey. “We’re thrilled to be working collaboratively with Carbon to bring never-before-seen innovation to the hockey industry with this new helmet.”

 The Game On Face Mask

CCM Hockey has manufactured the first on-ice face mask. This face mask is compatible for both full shields and cages, along with a separate goalie version. The Game On Mask has openings on the side to allow for improved air flow and has a Level 3 Water Resistance Protection designation. This designation is the highest standard from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

“With the Game On Mask, players have an added protective barrier that also increases the protection from contamination of those around them, all while allowing for the breathability needed for on-ice play,” said CCM in a release.