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Easton Issues Safety Recall of Black Magic 2.0 Catcher’s Helmet

Corporate, Rules • March 26, 2021

THOUSAND OAKS, CALIFORNIA (March 26, 2021) – Easton issued an important consumer safety notice regarding its Black Magic 2.0 catcher’s helmets for two reasons:

  1. Depending on usage and environment, most consumers will not experience any issues with their Black Magic 2.0 catcher’s helmet. However, to improve safety and performance, Easton asked that consumers STOP USING the Black Magic 2.0 catcher’s helmet and allow Easton to improve it free of charge.The metal “cage” or “face protector” on certain units may experience poor paint adhesion which causes a risk of paint particles dislodging and impacting the wearer; and
  2. Easton made a design improvement to the “rear cap” (the rear portion of the helmet shell that is separate from the main helmet shell, and which covers the back of the head) to better reduce impact to reduce risk of a head injury caused by impact to the rear of the cap.

NOTE: This safety notice only applies to certain Black Magic 2.0 Helmets.

If you are a consumer with a Black Magic 2.0 catcher’s helmet, and it has a white manufacturing date label (right), you should return it to Easton following the instructions in this notice. If your Black Magic 2.0 catcher’s helmet has a manufacturing date label of any other color, you do not need to return it to Easton as it does not need these improvements. Upon receipt of your Black Magic 2.0 catcher’s helmet with a white manufacturing label, Easton will improve it by replacing the face protector (if necessary) and the rear cap. Easton will make these improvements free of charge and Easton will pay for shipping both ways.

Please note the Black Magic 2.0 helmet is generally sold in a box set (left) containing a helmet, a chest protector and a pair of leg guards, although some Authorized Easton Dealers may sell (or have sold) the Black Magic 2.0 helmet separately. Consumers only need to return the helmet to Easton. Consumers can confirm whether the Easton catcher’s helmet is a Black Magic 2.0 by checking the manufacturing date label on the interior of the helmet in the lower jaw area. Consumers can confirm whether their Easton Black Magic 2.0 is covered by this safety notice by checking whether that same label is white.

Consumers who have a Black Magic 2.0 catcher’s helmet with a white manufacturing date label, contact Easton at (800) 632‐7866 and its customer service team will provide a prepaid shipping label and instructions for how to get this catcher’s mask improved.