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LIGHT Helmets Bans Sale of its Helmets to NFL

Corporate • May 12, 2020

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA (May 12, 2020) –LIGHT Helmets announced it is banning the sale of all its products to NFL teams. LIGHT, which was formerly SG Helmets, cited an increase in NFL concussions in 2019, ineffective testing and on-field data not being released among the reasons for its decision.

“Despite copious rule changes to reduce head injuries and the reported adoption by 99 percent of NFL players of ‘top-performing helmets,’ the NFL reported that the number of concussions increased in 2019,” said Justin Bert, COO of LIGHT Helmets, in a news release. “In addition, the NFL continues to deny numerous requests from LIGHT Helmets and others, to release the ‘on-field’ data reflecting actual concussions by helmet type and number of plays and all ‘in-lab’ test results and ranking analysis related to its annual NFL Helmet Poster.”

LIGHT said in spite of its LS1-CV, LS1CY and LS1-PY helmets receiving a Virginia Tech Five Star Football Helmet Rating, the advanced helmet has been banned from NFL play because of a testing regimen designed to favor heavy helmets, accoring to the LIGHT news release.

“With the many changes to reduce injuries, the vast sums of money spent on testing, grants and the associated PR, it’s remarkable that concussions actually increased in the NFL in 2019,” said Nicholas Esayian, CEO of LIGHT Helmets. “What is more concerning is how the NFL refuses to release the number of concussions by helmet per number of plays to validate its testing. It only makes sense to validate the effectiveness of your testing with how those helmets performed on the field.

“We have asked for that data and we were denied. There are many studies pertaining to whiplash, helmet weight and neck strength that have been completely ignored in the NFL testing and we feel that contributes to concussions increasing in spite of the rule changes. Why an organization with the pedigree, history and world-class athletes of the NFL would ignore such information is simply remarkable.”

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