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MyHOUSE Signs Fourth Female Wrestler

Corporate • August 15, 2020

WEST SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA (August 15, 2020) – Custom wrestling brand MyHOUSE Sports Gear, a member of the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA), continued to display its investment in the sport as it announced its fourth signing of a female wrestler, Alexandria Glaudé. Glaudé is ranked No. 2 at 68 kilograms/149.6 pounds on Team USA and is a part of the Titian Mercury WC.

“We are thrilled to welcome Alexandria into the MyHOUSE group of athletes,” said Tim Pane, MyHOUSE CEO. “Alexandria has shown true dedication to wrestling with her passion for the sport and her competitive attitude. Alexandria is determined and dedicated. She fits in great with her personality and her mindset. We are excited to grow women’s wrestling with adding Alexandria onto the team.”

“Having a strong and passionate support system is so important to me in chasing my Olympic dreams,” Glaudé said. “I place a high value on authenticity, quality, and relationships – these are three areas that MyHouse Sports Gear has promised to their athletes. It brings me great joy and excitement to be a part of this team!”

In 2018, Glaudé was the U23 National Champion. In 2019, she was the World Team Trials (WTT) Challenge Tournament Champion and the Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Association (WCWA) national champion at 155 pounds. Glaudé was the NCAA national champion at 155 pounds in 2020.