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New HDA Manufacturer Member: Viaclean’s Clean Reimagined Odor Brands Featuring Sportfresh 2-Step

HDA News , NSGA News • August 28, 2019

ViaClean (Clean Reimagined division), a new Hockey Dealers Association (HDA) manufacturer member, knows everyone loves every aspect of the wonderful sport of hockey. Except maybe one … hockey smell!!  Players work hard when they play and practice. Getting physical means you sweat and that sweat creates that all too familiar smell we all know as hockey stink!

ViaClean brings a revolutionary 2-Step odor product formulated to eliminate nasty odors in sports equipment and apparel. Instead of masking the odor, much like other common, scented odor products, ViaClean’s team developed the SportFresh formulation in a 2-Step treatment.

Step 1 – DESTROY removes odors from surface of gear and sportswear.

Step 2 – DEFEND adds a layer of protection that helps prevent those odors caused from moisture, mildew and fungus from recurring.

This 2-Step is unscented, has no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) AND is no-wash, no-rinse.

SportFresh 2-Step is now available in a 7-ounce co-pack and a soon-to-stock 2-ounce travel size that is ideal for a player’s weekend tournaments or to have in a gear bag or carry-on. For more information about adding SportFresh to your product inventory contact Bob Chasse, National Sales Exec, at

Click here for more information on SportFresh.