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NFHS Allows Padded Caps in Water Polo

Rules • May 1, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA (May 1, 2020) — Use of a soft-padded cap is among 16 rule changes approved in high school water polo for the next two years. All rules revisions recommended by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Water Polo Rules Committee were subsequently approved by the NFHS Board of Directors during its virtually held meeting that took place on April 1. All changes will be a part of the 2020-22 NFHS Water Polo Rules Book which will be available in late August.

With risk minimization in mind, the committee added a new Rule 1-26, which permits players to wear a soft-padded cap, but it must meet the requirements of Rules 1-20 through 1-24 and Rule 2-4. The committee noted that coaches, athletes and parents/guardians should review the manufacturers’ warnings about proper usage and performance limits of such products.

A complete listing of the water polo rules changes will be available on the NFHS website at Click on “Activities & Sports” at the top of the home page and select “Water Polo.”

According to the 2018-19 NFHS High School Athletics Participation Survey, a total of 22,475 boys participated in water polo in 862 schools, and 21,735 girls participated in the sport in 881 schools in eight states across the country.