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NFHS Announces Partnership with SportsCom for Coach-To-Player Communication Technology

Featured , Rules • October 31, 2023

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA (October 31, 2023) — The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) announced a three-year corporate partnership with SportsCom, a leader in wearable sport technology and coach-to-player, real-time communication.

As part of the partnership, SportsCom is the Official and Exclusive Baseball Coach to Catcher Electronic Communication Device of the NFHS. Earlier this year, the NFHS Baseball Rules Committee approved a rule change to allow use of a one-way communication device between a coach in the dugout and a team’s catcher for the purposes of calling pitches. The new rule will be effective with the 2024 baseball season.

“As the landscape of wearable technology advances and evolves, the NFHS is proud to partner with SportsCom to help schools navigate that world and provide access to more coaches and student-athletes,” said NFHS CEO Dr. Karissa Niehoff.

“Coaches expect a seamless, real-time communication tool that doesn’t get in the way of game strategy and the SportsCom approach aligns perfectly with that vision,” said SportsCom President Daryl Ludvik.  “We’re incredibly excited to partner with the NFHS in the initiative of bringing technology to the sport of baseball and being a small part of our athletes’ success stories.”

SportsCom is dedicated to youth sports and is creating a fund supporting local communities across the United States to provide monetary support for the maintenance of sports facilities through the SportsCom Cares program. SportsCom’s goal is to provide funding for all types of field and court maintenance as well as new equipment as a way to keep sports accessible to all future generations.

In addition, NFHS state association member schools can receive a discount on SportsCom products as a part of the partnership. SportsCom is offering two sample watches and temporary access to the subscription for the first 200 schools that contact SportsCom via email ( to set up a demo or request sample watches and information.  


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