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OC Sports Promotes Currier to National Sales Manager

Corporate • March 3, 2022

BENTONVILLE, ARKANSAS (March 3, 2022) – OC Sports is pleased to announce the promotion of Nate Currier as the new National Sales Manager. He succeeds Brad Reagan who is now a National Account Manager for Happy Egg, a company pioneering free range egg farming. 

“When you meet Nate, you cannot help but like him,” said OC Sports Senior Director of Sales and Licensing Jamie Jeter.  He is amazing with customers.  He is personal, charismatic, relational and a man of integrity.  Add in his knowledge of hats and passion for baseball and we knew we had the perfect candidate.” 

Currier has more than five years experience at Outdoor Cap, previously in the Farm and Western Division. 

“I’ve always been a huge baseball guy and really respect all things regarding team sports,” Currier said. “There’s way more to be gained than just the numbers in the wins and loss columns from being a part of a team. Growing up I always dreamed of a career in baseball, so it’s truly exciting to me that I’ve been given the opportunity to circle back after several years away from the game to be able to get involved again.”

Jeter added, “Nate brings a new perspective to the sports industry.  He understands the seasonality of team and knows the development processes, retailer perspective and understands how to build a program to take us to areas we have not gone before.”

Currier said he plans for OC Sports to “become best-in-class for our customers today. We have many wonderful partnerships with some of the world’s top organizations and it’s imperative that we provide the absolute best service and best product for our loyal customers and increase the overall customer experience.

“Another goal I have is positioning our teams to expand into other markets beyond team/clubs and beyond baseball in general. Outdoor Cap has been successful in the promotional products industry and in the retail space so there’s room for growth in the team sports segment, too.”

An Arkansas native, Nate grew up in a small farming community in the northeast before moving to Northwest Arkansas to attend the University of Arkansas. He now lives in Bentonville with his wife and two sons. 

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