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OrderMyGear Acquires DistributorCentral

Featured , Corporate • November 8, 2023

DALLAS, TEXAS (November 8, 2023) – OrderMyGear, an online store platform for selling custom branded merchandise to groups, announced the acquisition of DistributorCentral, a leading technology provider for suppliers and distributors in the promotional products industry. The strategic move further positions OMG as a critical player in the branded merchandise ecosystem. Clients now have a single technology partner to sell, manage, and order branded merchandise across sales channels.

The deal represents a significant milestone for OMG and the second strategic acquisition for the company, following the acquisition of online store provider BrightStores in November 2022. The addition of DistributorCentral significantly expands the technology solutions available to the more than 4,000 promotional product distributors, apparel decorators, and team dealers using OMG online stores. It also allows OMG to provide product data management and advertising solutions to suppliers, many of whom struggle to manage and distribute product data across various channels with unique formatting requirements. 

“Product data is at the core of OMG online stores. It’s also a difficult element of the tech stack to get right,” said Leonid Rozkin, CEO of OrderMyGear. “Suppliers often don’t have the resources to manage their product data across countless channels or to become PromoStandards compliant so their data is available in the industry standard format. With DistributorCentral, OMG will be able to provide the best technology paired with the highest quality product data.”

With the addition of DistributorCentral’s market-leading technology, product data, and team, OMG will offer businesses that sell custom branded merchandise and apparel a one-stop-shop for business technology, as well as provide suppliers a single source for managing and distributing high-quality data to the entire industry. 

DistributorCentral tools included in OMG’s acquisition include product search, eCommerce and order management for distributors, as well as product listing and advertising, product data management, and PromoStandards data transformation and distribution via OneSource for suppliers.

Benefits for promotional product distributors, apparel decorators, and team dealers include: 

  • One platform to discover products, generate sales, and manage orders across sales channels
  • Access to additional technology solutions, including product search, eCommerce websites, and order management
  • Access to high-quality, order-ready product data that eliminates costly order errors and reduces order turnaround times

Supplier benefits include:

  • One platform to manage and distribute high-quality product data to the entire industry
  • Ability to promote and advertise products to promotional product distributors, apparel decorators, and team dealers across all channels, including product search, online stores, and eCommerce websites
  • Technology to transform raw, unstructured product data to the industry standard PromoStandards without any technical expertise or resources

“DistributorCentral’s deep expertise in supplier product data complements our strength in online stores, allowing us to address a critical pain point for stakeholders on both sides of the equation: accurate, up-to-date product data,” Rozkin said. “DistributorCentral provides high-quality product data to numerous players in the industry, including OMG and other service providers, which is the top request we hear from clients who partner with OMG for online stores. Together, we are uniquely positioned to eliminate the friction of selling branded merchandise for all parties while driving innovation for the entire industry.”

Founded in 1999, DistributorCentral specializes in technology for suppliers, providing tools for suppliers’ distributor customers to discover, share, and sell their products. As a result of the acquisition, DistributorCentral is now independent of promotional product supplier TradeNet, allowing all suppliers to utilize the company’s full suite of business management technology.


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