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OrderMyGear Renews Partnership Through 2025 with Sports, Inc.

Corporate • June 6, 2023

DALLAS, TEXAS (June 6, 2023) – OrderMyGear teamed up with Sports, Inc. in a multi-year, renewed partnership as the official technology provider of the sporting goods buying group. Under this agreement, OMG maintains the title of Sports, Inc.’s preferred provider of online team stores and group ordering for members, offering a seamless platform to streamline team gear ordering processes. This extended collaboration will enable team dealers within the Sports, Inc., network to leverage OMG’s cutting-edge technology and empower them to expand their digital presence and provide unparalleled convenience to their customers.

“We have been collaborating closely with Sports, Inc., and its member dealers for almost 20 years. I am thrilled to extend our formal partnership as Sports Inc.’s preferred technology partner through 2025,” said Matt Kaplan, President of OrderMyGear. “OrderMyGear and Sports, Inc., share a common vision for the future of sporting goods, and we are ecstatic to work together to transform the way Team Dealers sell to teams and groups. We aim to make the process effortless and convenient for dealers and their customers.”

With its vast network of sporting goods retailers and team dealers, Sports, Inc. is the largest team buying group in North America. From humble beginnings at seven outdoor stores, Sports, Inc. now has more than 200 accounts with OMG. While the two companies have a long-lasting relationship, this renewed partnership aligns perfectly with Sports, Inc.’s commitment to delivering exceptional service for independent sporting goods retailers to not only grow their businesses, but to succeed. By incorporating OMG’s innovative solutions, Sports, Inc., aims to elevate the team sports shopping experience and cater to the evolving needs of coaches, athletes and fans by creating more efficient buying processes.

“Sports, Inc. is very excited to continue strengthening our partnership with OrderMyGear,” said Travis Elam, CEO of Sports, Inc. “Through our renewed partnership with OMG, the Sports, Inc., team dealer network will continue to be innovative and successful. OMG has proven they are committed to the team dealer industry and we look forward to the solutions they come up with next.” 

OrderMyGear is a longtime member and platinum supporter of the National Sporting Goods Association and Sports, Inc., is a longtime member of NSGA.


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