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Rawlings Unveils New Glove Using Advanced Manufacturing Process

Corporate • July 15, 2021

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI (July 15, 2021) – Rawlings®, the Official Glove of Major League Baseball® and creator of the iconic Rawlings Gold Glove Award®, reached a new milestone in the evolution of glove design with its release of the REV1X series of baseball gloves.

In development for several years, the REV1X used the Carbon Digital Light Synthesis (DLS™) process to develop an optimized lattice structure. The REV1X also has several unique design attributes, including a lace-less web, adaptive fit system and Heart of the Hide® leather palm and gusset. The glove’s advanced manufacturing processes combined with its high-quality materials yield an ultra-lightweight, form-fitting, game-ready glove that provides athletes with consistent playability.

Rawlings has been a National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA) member since 1987.

Rawlings Platinum and Gold Glove Award® winner and four-time All-Star shortshop for the New York Mets, Francisco Lindor, played an integral role in the creation of the REV1X. Lindor provided several seasons worth of feedback and will be the face of the REV1X marketing campaign in the U.S. The REV1X glove series, comprised of four models in various sizes and patterns, is now available for purchase exclusively at, and

“From the famous Bill Doak glove developed in the early 1920s that was the first to include a pocket and web, to the creation of the Trap-Eze® web in the late ’50s, to the newly released REV1X, Rawlings has always been at the forefront of glove technology and innovation,” said Ryan Farrar, senior director of ball gloves. “Rawlings continues to work alongside pros, the best in the game, to ensure our gloves are worthy of the highest-level of performance, and the feedback we’ve received from Francisco Lindor validates our belief that the REV1X will forever revolutionize defense.”

Rawlings’ engineers partnered with Carbon to create the REV1X’s sleek 3-D profile, marked by thinner, yet sturdier padding that won’t deteriorate over time. Further, the REV1X is constructed with Carbon’s 3D-optimized lattice structure, providing variable stiffness in the thumb and pinky, which significantly reduces weight without sacrificing protection, durability, or playability.

“We are excited about the innovation Rawlings is bringing to baseball with the new REV1X glove,” said Phil DeSimone, co-founder, chief product and business development officer at Carbon. “These lattice structures are designed to add stiffness in the regions where it is necessary and soften regions where a certain flexure is required, adding another dimension of control in the design. During the design iterations, Rawlings was able to assemble and test the latticed finger pads right away, accelerating the product development cycle of about 10 months.”

In addition to the cutting-edge Carbon DLS process used to develop the glove, the REV1X showcases new structural elements not currently found in traditional gloves. Its lace-less web eliminates top-of-the-web lacing, improving fielding consistency, while the glove’s adaptive fit system accommodates a wider range of wrist sizes for a snug, tailored, custom fit. Additionally, REV1X models are crafted with world-renowned Heart of the Hide palm and gusset leather padding widely recognized by athletes for its quality and authenticity.

The four REV1X models are available in infield/outfield patterns ranging from 11½” – 12¾”.