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Corporate • February 13, 2019

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA – (January 18, 2019) – On Sept. 1, 2018, Safer Sports, LLC acquired the assets of SG Helmets, the fifth-largest manufacturer of football helmets in the world and a longtime leader in sports helmet safety technology. Safer Sports, LLC announced it is rebranding as “LIGHT Helmets.” LIGHT Helmets’ first product will be a completely redesigned football helmet (the LS1) using much lighter, yet stronger materials for both the outer shell, liner, and face mask from technology and manufacturing techniques used by the military as well as the aviation and auto racing industries. It is set for release in the spring of 2019.

“Football and other contact sports are being heavily scrutinized today – by worried parents, players at all levels, and anxious league executives – over player safety and concussion concerns,” said Nick Esayian, CEO of LIGHT Helmets. “By significantly cutting helmet weight while exceeding professional league safety standards, LIGHT Helmets is able to provide key performance and safety advantages to football players of all ages and abilities. Our goal is to build the safest football helmet available on the market while allowing the athlete on the field to perform better by carrying significantly less weight.”

LIGHT Helmets will build and improve upon decades of innovation by SG Helmets’ founder Bill Simpson that began with work that helped to revolutionize auto racing industry safety in the late 1970s. In 2011, Simpson applied that same technology to create a safer, more performance-oriented football helmet, given the rise in awareness related to head injuries and concussions in the game. To date, SG Helmets have been worn by thousands of players at all levels of football, including the NFL, NCAA, high school, arena football and Pop Warner.

“We know that traditional helmets continue to get heavier and heavier as they are designed to pass the tests,” said Dr. Tal David, Former Head Physician of the San Diego Chargers and Light Helmet’s Advisory Board Member. “But, we also see the number of concussions has not significantly declined.”

LIGHT Helmets aims to continue Simpson’s vision and revolutionize football helmet technology by focusing on the use of materials the aviation, military and auto racing industries have pioneered. These innovations amount to a significant reduction in helmet weight, up to 60 percent compared to some competitive helmets. While the majority of football helmets used today weigh between 4-to-6 pounds, LIGHT Helmets’ football helmet will weigh just more than 2 1-2 pounds, depending on how they are configured.

“The more weight you put into impact, the more kinetic energy is generated and the more potentially dangerous those impacts become,” said Justin Bert, COO at LIGHT Helmets. “Our focus on reduced weight will not only improve player performance, but also reduce fatigue and injury. Football deserves this helmet and in the coming months we will be transitioning this same technology to other contact sport helmets.”

LIGHT Helmets has a diverse advisory board – including physicians who have worked within the NFL and motorsports – as well as those who have worked in the business of professional football.

After an initial focus on lightweight football helmets, LIGHT Helmets will expand its product offering to other contact sports where player safety and performance can be increased, such as lacrosse, baseball and hockey. LIGHT Helmets also has plans to revolutionize helmets for a wide range of professional industries.

LIGHT Helmets’ first helmet, the LS1, will be released in the spring of 2019. More information can be found at


LIGHT Helmets (formerly SG Helmets) produces lighter, safer, more performance-oriented helmets for football and other contact sports and is currently the fifth-largest football helmet producer in the country. Our mission is to better protect the players and their games through lighter and safer helmets that use the best materials and technology available. LIGHT Helmets empowers players at all levels to maximize their potential and enjoyment of the game by equipping them with the most innovative helmets available on the market. Visit for more information.