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Spalding Launches Basketball Hoop With Quick Assembly

Corporate • October 18, 2021

BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY (October 18, 2021) — Spalding® announced the launch of the Momentous™ EZ Assembly™ basketball hoop, a new portable hoop innovation that can be assembled in under 30 minutes.  With most portable hoops requiring 3 to 5 hours of installation time, the Spalding® Momentous™ EZ Assembly™ was designed to bring more people to basketball by increasing the accessibility of a high-performance hoop through a 30-minute-or-less assembly process.

Spalding’s Momentous

The Spalding® Momentous™ has reinvented the assembly process and experience.  The Spalding® team successfully executed the product development of the Momentous™ EZ Assembly™ basketball hoop utilizing consumer insights and a combination of collaborative engineering, proprietary design, and comprehensive digital content that includes Augmented Reality (AR), interactive 3D manuals, and a step-by-step assembly tutorial video.

“The basketball hoop assembly process needed to be easier and more enjoyable – that was made clear to us through analyzing reviews throughout the category and from focus groups of athletes, parents, and coaches,” said Ben Simms, Global Marketing Manager for Spalding®. “Our challenge was creating a mostly pre-assembled hoop, without increasing price or packaging size, or losing quality/stability, in an effort to produce a fast-to-assemble product. We accomplished all the above with the Momentous™ EZ Assembly™. It’s our strongest-built portable in its class, easiest to assemble, and the packaging can fit into most vehicles and ship via ground transportation for e-commerce.”

Spalding® did not cut corners on quality or performance. Momentous™ EZ Assembly™ hoops feature either a 50- or 54-inch steel framed acrylic board, 8- to 10-foot Infinite Adjust Elevator Lift System, a 36-gallon base for superior stability, and an Arena Slam® Breakaway Rim. The premium Momentous™ features a clear-view backboard – a first for portable basketball hoops. Through an interactive AR experience on, you can even view what the Momentous will look like in your driveway prior to purchase.

“We named the hoop Momentous™ because it will have a significant impact on the future of basketball,” said Ron White Sr., Director of Spalding® Global Basketball Systems. “Spalding has a 150-year history of continuous innovation to grow the game. Disrupting the basketball hoop category – a category we lead globally – is in our DNA.”

Spalding’s Momentous™ EZ Assembly™ is available in various models, ranging in price from $349-$599. The hoops will be available starting today on, and later this month on Amazon, Academy Sports, Dunham’s Sporting Goods and Scheels Sporting Goods.