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Sports Inc., Partners With Byrna Technologies

Corporate • May 17, 2022

ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS (May 17, 2022) — Byrna Technologies Inc., announced that the Sports Inc. buying group is now offering the full line of Byrna products to its independent retailer members. 

In February of 2022 at the Sports Inc. “invitation only” vendor consideration event, Byrna’s sales team successfully presented the full line of Byrna products to a group of independent retailers who represent Sports Inc. The sales team wrote $32,000 worth of orders at the two-hour event, receiving strong votes from its members that Byrna is a brand they want to have in their stores. Excluding Mission-4’s, all the orders from the event have been fulfilled and Byrna was voted in to become a vendor to Sports Inc.

The process to get onboarded is rigorous and many other manufacturers at the event were not accepted. Byrna is proud to announce that the vendor agreement was finalized in early May 2022 and Byrna has already begun shipping products to stores.

“Onboarding with Sports Inc. and gaining access to the vast group of independent retail members is a good example of the dealer sales team successfully executing the company’s long-term product strategy under the guidance of our leadership,” stated Alan Vogel, Director of Dealer Sales at Byrna.

Byrna offers best-in-class service to both major retail chains and the small to mid-size retailer. Working alongside the company’s outside sales force stationed throughout the country, Byrna continues to gain shelf space, offer training, and manage these new accounts. The sales team conducts frequent live demonstrations and training on Byrna products at retailers across the country.

A key benefit to partnering with Sports Inc., is that all invoices and shipments to its members are 100% guaranteed to be paid by the buying group. This eliminates individual company credit risk and provides Byrna with the opportunity to expand into smaller- to mid-size independent retailers by offering competitive pricing and payment terms.

About Byrna Technologies Inc.

Byrna is a technology company, specializing in the development, manufacture, and sale of innovative non-lethal personal security solutions. For more information on the Company, please visit the corporate website here or the Company’s investor relations site here. The Company is the manufacturer of the Byrna® SD personal security device, a state-of-the-art handheld CO2 powered launcher designed to provide a non-lethal alternative to a firearm for the consumer, private security, and law enforcement markets. To purchase Byrna products, visit the Company’s e-commerce store.