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STAHLS’ Providing Direct To Film Transfers for NFL Combine Athlete and Staff Apparel

Featured , Corporate • February 27, 2024

ST. CLAIR SHORES, MICHIGAN (February 27, 2024) – NOBULL, the official on-field supplier of the 2024 NFL Combine, has chosen STAHLS’ to provide UltraColor MAX™ direct to film transfers for all athlete and staff apparel.

In 2022, NOBULL was announced as the “Official Training Partner of the NFL,” supplying all the apparel and accessories for participants at the NFL Combine. STAHLS’ is excited to partner with NOBULL to offer the latest in pro-level personalization and heat transfer innovation with direct to film transfers.

Photo: STAHLS’ UltraColor MAX™ direct to film transfer process for the 2024 NFL Draft Combine

Featuring fast, one-step, low-temp application that’s safe for performance wear, UltraColor MAX™ DTF transfers are lightweight, stretchable and durable enough to last on and off the field.

“There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to direct to film transfers. However, many options don’t meet the basic requirements for a professional business, let alone the requirements of a high-profile brand like NOBULL,” says, Josh Ellsworth, Chief Revenue Officer, GroupeSTAHL. “From the finished quality and durability to holding the OEKO-TEX 100 standard, these transfers have been engineered to perform at a different level. With UltraColor MAX™ we can confidently say that DTF has arrived, and we’re excited to see it worn by the superstars of tomorrow.”

Photo: Side-by-side UltraColor MAX™ film transfer examples

Apparel decorators can choose the same professional finish as the NFL. Decorate like the pros and order a free sample of UltraColor MAX™ DTF transfers by clicking here.

See UltraColor MAX™ being prepped on NOBULL apparel for the week’s events by visiting the STAHLS’ TV YouTube channel.

STAHLS’ is a longtime member and supporter of the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA).


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