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Study: Disruption of Youth Sports Programs From COVID-19

Business • October 14, 2020

RIDGEFIELD, CONNECTICUT (October 14, 2020) – Team-based youth sports have struggled to return to play compared to individual-based sports during COVID-19. Those are the results of a study by Tipevo, which produces an on-line directory for finding, connecting and reviewing youth sports programs in nearly 30 sports across the United States.

Tipevo analyzed the social media accounts of 18,373 youth sports programs across 29 sports to determine if they had returned to activity. Below is a listing of the top 10 sports where programs used the keyword “cancellation” in their social media. Combined football and cheer (37%) and combined baseball and softball (36%) programs were followed by softball (35%), football (32%) and baseball (27%).

Below is a listing of the bottom 10 youth sports for cancellations. These are primarily individual-based sports that allow for proper social distancing guidelines to be followed.

The analysis also compared the cancellation rates between indoor and outdoor sports and examined whether the sport uses facilities that are privately owned or part of a school, university or municipality. 

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