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Corporate • March 6, 2019

GLENN MILLS, Pennsylvania (February 28, 2019) — Unequal Technologies Company is proud to announce its official partnership with Babe Ruth League and Cal Ripken Baseball, a division of BRL. Unequal was selected as the Official Performance Protection Partner for both organizations and will provide the most advanced protective gear to all of its players.

“As baseball protection continues to evolve, it is as important as ever that our players use the most advanced gear to protect players and mitigate debilitating injuries. Partnering with Unequal was our first choice because of its advanced technology, impeccable reputation, and history protecting the pros in the MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, FIFA, as well as Olympians, without impeding their peak performance,” said Steven Tellefsen, President and CEO of the Babe Ruth League. “Both Babe Ruth League and Cal Ripken Baseball, a division of BRL, are pleased that Unequal’s heart, head, and groin protection is now available for our players. It’s reassuring to know the future of MLB is using the same protection as the pros.”

The leagues recommend that players of all ages protect their head, heart and groin with the Uncap®, Uncup® and HART® shirt because Unequal is recommended and used at the highest levels in sports. Unequal gear features a patented lightweight, flexible, military-grade composite that helps reduce the risk of injuries, without hindering mobility, agility and performance.

Following a ruptured brain aneurysm that resulted in surgery last season, New York Yankees pitcher Danny Farquhar was outfitted with the UnCap® to protect his head while competing in the MLB (Yankees’ UNCAP Video). The Uncap® is concealed inside a regular baseball cap, with its thin, lightweight flex-shell liner and military-grade composite that reduces the risk of head injury. The UnCap® was approved by Farquhar and his doctor because it helps protect the head without inhibiting his skills.

The UnCup® is the athletic cup reinvented. Its patented, shock-absorbent, lightweight composite disperses high impact, while comfortably contouring to the body. The UnCup® enables unrestricted movement without binding and digging into the groin and causing thigh irritation (UNCUP Video).

While most parents and players are familiar with head and groin injuries, they are unaware of commotio cordis – the #1 killer in baseball. Commotio can occur when a player is struck in the chest with a ball, stick or object, which disrupts the heart rhythm, typically resulting in sudden death. The HART® shirt is outfitted with a patented, composite pad that shields both the front and side of the heart to reduce the risk of commotio. The HART® shirt is the world’s only commotio protection that was tested by Tufts Medical Center, published in a peer-reviewed medical study, and issued a claim by the FDA.

“As a parent, I believe that every player should safely play the sport they love without having to worry about life-altering injuries,” said Rob Vito, CEO of Unequal Technologies. “We are honored to partner with Babe Ruth League and Cal Ripken Baseball, a division of BRL, on such a critical mission to protect our most precious resource – the kids. Unequal empowers players to safely enjoy America’s favorite pastime.”

About Unequal
Unequal’s mission is to protect people to allow them to perform at their peak level in the military, sports, work, and life. The patented fusion of a military-grade composite, made of TriDur, Accelleron, Airilon and optional ImpacShield, is engineered to protect like no other sports gear. Thousands of athletes at all levels wear Unequal protection. From professionals and world champion athletes to collegiate and high school teams, to sport leagues across the country, Unequal protects.