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United Women’s Soccer Extends Partnership with Image Apparel Solutions

Corporate • March 6, 2020

METUCHEN, NEW JERSEY (March 6, 2020) – United Women’s Soccer (UWS) has extended its partnership with Image Apparel Solutions (IAS). In January, UWS announced that Knit Wit Apparel – a wholly owned division of IAS – would serve as the official scarf supplier to UWS and its member teams. Now, Image Apparel Solutions will also serve as the official supplier of UWS patches. Patches will be produced with IAS’s trademark Performance Flex® matte finish. Image Apparel Solutions also becomes the preferred embellishment partner of UWS.

“We are excited to strengthen our partnership with Image Apparel Solutions, to not only supply custom team scarves, but also our official league patches,” said UWS COO Roberto Aguas. “The quality and dedication that IAS exhibits makes them an excellent partner of UWS.”

“We are very proud to continue expanding our commitment to the UWS national pro-am league and UWS League Two,” said Image Apparel Solutions president Tim Kelliher. “This exciting partnership provides UWS League teams access to one of the most exciting new decoration techniques in our industry for their uniforms. Performance Flex® is a decoration technique that is truly revolutionary and is uniquely suited for the embellishment of soccer uniforms.”

Image Apparel Solutions is an industry leader in innovative decoration techniques featuring Performance Flex®, applique, embroidery embellishment and screen printed. Located in Wheeling, Illinois, it is a complete apparel decorator whose services include digitizing, graphic design and custom product development. For more information on Image Apparel Solutions, contact Tim Kelliher at (847) 229-2000 or