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Corporate • March 6, 2019

DETROIT (March 4, 2019) – Detroit-based football equipment provider Xenith has partnered with the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA) as its preferred equipment provider.

Women’s tackle football teams and leagues have been in existence for more than four decades, but the most promising growth in the sport – both in the number of teams and in the level of competition – has taken place over the last five years. More than 2,500 players are represented by 65 teams in the WFA and will all have the opportunity to gear up with Xenith.

“We believe in creating protective equipment that will outfit all athletes and are thrilled for the WFA players to experience the protection, fit, feel and comfort that is embodied within all Xenith products,” said Ryan Sullivan, CEO at Xenith. “Women’s tackle football is in a pivotal time period and Xenith is ready to grow with the sport.”

Xenith recently launched the Xenith Shadow, an evolution of the company’s current patented helmet technology. Its streamlined design improves fit and protection while increasing comfort and minimizing distractions. Combining an enhanced shock arrangement with an industry-first, novel polymer shell, it absorbs energy and protects the athlete from a variety of impacts on the field. Thoughtfully designed to provide balanced weight distribution, the Xenith Shadow feels light and responsive, allowing quickness and speed on the field while maintaining a stable fit.

Every helmet from Xenith, including Shadow, has tested in the top-performing group of the NFL Players Association Laboratory testing. Additionally, Xenith exclusively designs and produces 5-Star helmets under the widely accepted Virginia Tech star-rating system.

“We continue our commitment to being not only the largest, but the most competitive women’s football league in the world and our model for doing so has always been to put our players first,” said Lisa King, Commissioner of the WFA. “In partnering with Xenith we believe we have found the perfect match for not only promoting the great game of football but also protecting our athletes.”

About Xenith
Detroit- basedXenith, founded in 2006, has been on a mission to improve football through protective gear designed, first and foremost, for athletes. Xenith’s focus starts on the field, engaging with players, coaches and equipment managers. They take that feedback to their in-house design team, who uses it to create gear that transcends protection alone – designing for fit, feel, comfort, style and protection. In addition to its lineup of top-rated helmets, Xenith produces a premium line of shoulder pads and other accessories for the football athlete. Xenith continues to innovate and discover new opportunities to enable the athlete’s pursuit.

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About the Women’s Football Alliance
The WFA is a full-contact women’s American football league. Established in 2009, it is the largest women’s football league in the world. Headquartered in Exeter, California, the WFA is dedicated to promoting and developing football for female athletes, regardless of financial status.