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YardRink Named Official Licensed Product of the NHL

HDA News , Uncategorized • September 8, 2023

NORTH ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS (September 8, 2023) – YardRink, one of North America’s backyard rink brands, announced it has signed an official licensing agreement with the National Hockey League (NHL). YardRink’s NHL-licensed backyard rink kits will be available in the United States and Canada, enabling hockey enthusiasts across North America to transform their backyards into thrilling, professional-looking rinks.

The agreement underscores the shared goal of the NHL and YardRink to expand access to the sport of hockey. By providing more individuals with the opportunity to enjoy “ice time” in their own backyards, YardRink and the NHL aim to foster the growth of the sport and inspire a new generation of players.

YardRink customers will have the opportunity to customize their backyard rinks with logos from all 32 NHL teams and 32 vintage teams. YardRink’s patented technology creates an authentic hockey experience, with a custom tarp attached to the outside of its panels, which are filled then frozen. This design creates a smooth board-to-ice surface, allowing wall passes and rebounds that mimic the feel of a professional rink.

YardRink CEO & Co-Founder Brian Packard said, “We are thrilled to be working with the NHL to expand the game of hockey. There is no better opportunity to foster the love of the game than skating in a rink in your own backyard. We look forward to making that experience even more fun, as kids learn to skate and hone their skills on rinks featuring their favorite NHL team logos.” 

About YardRink LLC

An official licensed product of the NHL, YardRink manufactures and sells outdoor ice hockey rinks designed for optimum performance and playability. With headquarters in North Andover, Massachusetts and manufacturing operations in Clinton, Iowa, YardRink is the fastest growing backyard rink brand in North America. The company offers hockey rink kits for any size yard through its website, and select retail outlets. YardRink was founded with one goal: to create joy. By providing unlimited access to outdoor ice time, YardRink aims to foster and expand the love of hockey.


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